Valentine Chikaodiri Nwegede, also known as St. Valo hail from Ntsurakpa Izhiangbo, Ohaukwu LGA, Ebonyi State, Nigeria, St. Valo is a remarkable individual. As the youngest of eight siblings, he comes from the family of the late Elder John & Ezinne Maria Nwegede. With a deep-rooted Christian faith, St. Valo is a beacon of inspiration.

In terms of education, St. Valo holds a degree in Home and Rural Economics. As of 2023, he remains single, dedicating his time to pursue his passions and dreams. St. Valo is a true multi-talent, excelling in various artistic fields. He is a musician, comedian, content creator, actor, motivational speaker, and visionary.

St. Valo’s journey into the world of music began back in 2003, starting as a drummer for the Holychild of Jesus Catholic Church Izhiangbo. Over time, he became an integral part of the Evergreen Brothers Band International (EBBI) as their bassist, performing in countless shows. His involvement in the entertainment industry didn’t stop there; St. Valo ventured into acting in 2004, joining City Movie Abakaliki, Legend Movies, Uche Igboamalu Production, and other notable productions.

In 2018, after completing his graduation, St. Valo delved into the world of comedy with his crew, creating laughter and joy. However, due to his experiences within the industry, he conceived the dream of Africwood, an African entertainment industry for music, movies, and all forms of entertainment, including a record label: Africwood Records. His ultimate goal is to foster a nurturing environment for aspiring artists where they won’t face the challenges he had to endure.

As the CEO or Director General of Africwood Art Entertainment, St. Valo brings his passion and dedication to uplift the African entertainment scene. The industry not only aims to showcase African cultures and traditions but also to unite and empower the continent through movies, music, comedies, live programs, event planning, radio programs, sports, and much more.

St. Valo’s unwavering enthusiasm and genuine desire to support and uplift others make him a true inspiration in the world of entertainment.

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